Table Titans!


So I realized I can’t have a blog and only talk about myself. I’ll get sick of myself way before anyone else will. So I’m going to be doing blogs where I talk about other creative projects that I like. So anything that inspires me is a potential topic. If anyone ever reads this, send me your favorite artists and comics and if I love them as much as you I might write about them!


Today I discovered the webcomic Table Titans! It’s a super fun and nerdy comic about DnD. As someone who recently became captivated by the game I fell in love with this comic quickly!

It’s everything you can want in a comic, great art , great story, awesome mix of humor and action! Once I started reading I couldn’t stop until I had read nearly 4 seasons of the comic. I highly recommend checking them out. titansa2001

I really admire the writers and illustrators of this comic for the seamless blending of the real world and the fantasy one. The characters of the story really get into their game characters and all of their unique personal traits come out. All this helps creates an awesome world that I can’t wait to continue to read!


Lucky for all of us they are doing a Kickstarter to get their second volume published. It’s already many times over funded and the books looks amazing! I certainly plan to back their project! Read the comic on their website, it’s 100% free! That’s what I love about  webcomics creators! They’re so willing to give their work out for free it’s hard to imagine making any money off of it. But often times giving away something for free and providing value long before asking for any kind of a sale is the best way to grow a business. I think, if you love the story half as much as I do you’ll want the physical copy too.


The production art and sketches they share are awesome as well! Check it all out for free on their site


I was so inspired by the comic that I did a little character drawing of my wife’s Pathfinder character from the campaign we are currently playing. This is the first campaign we’ve ever played and are really enjoying it so far! I may do a mini series of all of our group’s characters, I think everyone would like that. I’ve already done a few sketches in the past relating to our campaign, you can check it all out on my instagram.

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