First Blog Jitters


I think the best way to counter the awkwardness of starting anything new is to jump right in the easiest way you know how. Since I’m completely new to blogging I really have no idea the best way to start one. So… for content I’m going to mostly copy my Artist page. I’m sure the artists page will be changed in the future so let the first blog post be the archive of my first brief intro to myself.

“All I’ve ever wanted to be in life, so far, has been an artists. As a kid it was something I just did from the time I could hold a crayon and never stopped. It wasn’t until my senior year in High School that I realized it could be a profession. So I’ve been chasing that dream ever since. I’ve come a long way and it’s taken me a lot longer to get here than I ever expected. I’m still not where I want to be professionally. But, I’m taking an active effort to change that! That’s why I’m starting this blog and kicking off this new project!

I hope you’ll follow my journey and let me know what you think! I love hearing from fans or other artists! Praise, tips, tricks, critiques, comments or if you just want to say hi, it’s always welcome!”

So what is this project?09-19-16-map-print-11x17-2-0

I’ve been developing this fantasy/science fiction universe for a few years and I finally feel like I’ve developed it enough in my head and in my writing to start marking something cool.

The is the Kingdom of Merklore, and the setting of my project. I’m going to be developing this project as part of #Inktober so each day of October I’ll be creating and sharing my work on here and all over social media. (Be sure to follow me please!) You’ll get a more in depth post about the character, comic, illustration or whatever I post.

I’ve been developing characters and artwork in prep for this project for a few months and sharing it on Instagram. I’ve gotten a steady amount of people who seem to be fans! More and more people follow and comment every day so it’s really encouraged me to give it my all! Hopefully at the end of October or shortly thereafter I’ll be starting a kickstarter campaign to get everything printed as a book!

This is day 1 of my public journey and I’m full of hope. Overflowing this ideas and trying desperately to ignore that negative whisper in the back of my mind. I like to think we all have that little demon in our minds and the only way I’ve found that silence it is by working harder. So that’s what I’m going to do!


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